Laura is a Soul Midwife. She trained with Felicity Warner at her school in Dorset in 2013 at level 1 and 2 (

This role is a huge inspiration and one in which she feels extremely privileged, in being able to walk beside someone approaching the end of life. Carrying out this task can be the source of the richest blessings as well as sad, moving and joyful. As a Soul Midwife, she uses many skills including  compassion, deep listening and unconditional positive regard in order to help someone experience a ‘good’ death.

What are Soul Midwives?

The term ‘Soul Midwife’ is modern, the movement in the UK, having been founded 20 years ago. What we practise, however, is as ancient as humankind. Midwives have been essential throughout the centuries in helping us to come into the world and in the same way, we benefit hugely from having a midwife to assist us as we leave.

Soul Midwives are non-denominational multi-faith practitioners who guide and support those going through the dying process. They enable the person dying to go through this transition with dignity and with peace. Dying gently means moving the focus from cure and medication by giving loving care with a human touch. They do not aim to do the same as the expert nurses and doctors that may be involved, but to work collaboratively with all the teams caring for the person and often stepping in when the medical profession have done all they can.

What can Laura offer?

Laura can work with a person ( we call our client, ‘friend’) and their family at any stage of their dying journey.

If there is opportunity, she can be involved from the point of diagnosis or certainly in the early stages of the disease process. Laura can offer companionship, active listening and quiet conversation. Having made this connection and established a relationship, it then can be easier to approach some preparation work. These include teaching breathing and relaxation techniques; co-creating a death plan; assisting with memory work and in devising a course of action in fulfilling any realistic life wishes that the person wants to achieve before dying.

Laura can provide therapies such as reiki, gentle touch and auricular acupuncture alongside being your Soul Midwife and some aspects of what she can offer are:

  • Supporting and recognising the individual needs of the friend to enable a calm and tranquil death.
  • Giving healing, using singing bowls, music, touch and essential oils.
  • Keeping a vigil, at whatever point of the end of life.
  • Creating and holding a sacred space for the dying person; ceremonial work that the person may have asked for.
  • Working with the person at soul level at all stages of transition.
  • Ensuring they feel loved and supported throughout the whole process of dying
  • Visiting the family after death to share experiences, talk and reflect.

These are just some of the ways Laura can assist you as you deal with the many challenges you will be facing as you approach the last months or weeks of your life. As each person is unique, so is their journey and she always aims to go with the flow of what that particular person needs and requires of her.