Reiki is a safe, gentle method of accessing and using the universal energy (Rei-Ki) which surrounds and permeates all living and non-living things on this planet. The energy flows through the practitioner’s hands and is applied to the body of the recipient in a gentle, non- intrusive way. If you prefer to have a non-touch approach, it can also be applied in a hands-off way to the aura, which is the energy field of the body. Laura usually uses a combination of both but is always guided by the client’s preference.

Your first consultation will include taking a brief medical history as well as exploring the symptoms you are having and what you might be hoping to gain from the treatment. A reiki session takes about an hour and you will be given a full explanation of the treatment, before it begins.

Reiki is a simple, direct and accessible form of therapy and can bring tranquility, peace and healing to all levels of mind, body and spirit. Laura always practises reiki with positive intention so your experience is completely safe and harmonious.


£35 per session
£90 for 3 sessions (if booked in advance).