Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the use of plant remedies in the treatment of disease and is one of the oldest forms of medicine and healing on Earth. Many ancient civilisations used herbs and plants in their medical treatments, and the power of these herbs is just as relevant for us today.

Herbal medicine is holistic, meaning it treats the whole person, embracing all levels of an individual: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

As a herbalist, Laura would be identifying the root cause of your ailment, rather than just treating the symptom. Herbs that are prescribed according to a person’s specific and unique constitution, will then target specific systems to aid healing and recovery. Where appropriate, herbs can be used safely and effectively alongside conventional medicine.


Naturopathy is underpinned by the fundamental principle: the healing power of Nature, made clear by the ‘Father of Medicine’ Hippocrates, twenty-five centuries ago. This principle still holds fast in our modern times, where approaching health issues by encouraging the body’s natural self healing process, ensures a positive and lasting result.

The naturopathic approach allows the body to detoxify using various methods such as hydrotherapy, massage, and changes in lifestyle and diet. Laura sees each individual client as unique and treats them on the basis that each person responds in a different way. She uses naturopathic principles in bringing together a treatment plan that seeks to support and encourage the body to heal and restore itself to its natural state of equilibrium.