First consultations with Laura involve taking a detailed case history and usually last about 90 minutes. The focus is to find out more about the root of your imbalance and to gain a medical picture of you as a whole, rather than just the part of you that is causing symptoms. You will have time to express your health concerns and we will discuss together in detail your general health, diet and lifestyle choices. This is extremely important in gaining a full picture of your individual constitution and the best way to improve your particular imbalance with a naturopathic and herbal treatment plan.

We will then put together an action plan that is realistic and achievable including a herbal remedy that will be tailored to your individual needs.

A follow-up consultation will be made, usually for 3-4 weeks after your first visit: this will be shorter, around 30-40 minutes, so we can see what progress has been made and review your treatment.


First consultation : £45 + cost of herbal medicine

Follow-up : £30 + cost of herbal medicine

Tinctures : £22.50 per 200mls (3-4 weeks supply) / £7.50 per 50mls