As well as sitting down with Laura Yarham and being really listened to, your consultation will include:

• Full case history taking, to establish where your imbalance lies.
• Deciding together on which treatments will benefit you the most.
• Putting together an achievable and realistic action plan to bring more balance to your system.
• Advice on diet and lifestyle.
• Optional herbal tincture, individually tailored to your particular constitution.


Your irides are absolutely unique and will show your own particular constitution, genetic tendencies, your strengths and the areas in your system that need input and support. This enables Laura to assess you more accurately and will provide you with valuable information that will help you find your own specific path to well-being.


Laura has an English National Board qualification in counselling. Combined with coaching skills, gained in leadership training, she is able to help clients explore and articulate emotions in a safe and confidential environment.